Advanced Tectonics Requirements

  1. Examinations: Two, objective, written, take-home exams, a mid-term and a final. Each exam covers lecture, reading, and lab materials for about half of the semester. Each exam worth 25% of total grade.

  2. Lab and field exercises: Exercises involve field measurement, map, cross-section, geometric, or graphic analysis of structural problems. Exercises should be turned in electronically. Text may be submitted via email (txt or rtf format). Maps, charts, or diagrams should be saved or scanned and sent as image files (bmp, gif, jpg format). Exercises are due normally one week after the lab session; late labs may receive a grade penalty. Labs are worth 30% of total grade.

  3. Field trip: Five-day field trip to Colorado will take place during fall break (see syllabus). See living arrangements. Field exercises may take place and will count as part of the lab grade (above). Participation is required = 10% of total grade.

  4. Class participation: On-campus students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions. All students are expected to communicate with your instructor via e-mail on a weekly basis, submit exercises in a timely manner, and contribute items for the course blog. Participation is worth 10% of grade.

  5. Review the departmental policy on plagiarism. See course grading scale.

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