Advanced Tectonics

Fall 2016

Advanced tectonics meets on Thursday afternoons, 1:00 to 2:20 pm in the Geospatial Analysis Lab (SH 16). Weekly dates (below) refer to Thursday class meetings (except the last week). These sessions are primarily for conducting lab exercises. However, lab work may be done at any other time. Lab exercises are normally due one week after the in-class session. On-campus class meetings may also be used for reviews and special presentations.

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Semester schedule for fall 2016

First Block
Week Topic Reading* Activity
Aug. 25 Introduction MS Intro
Lab 1
Sep. 1 Geometric elements MS chap. 1
Lab 2
Sep. 8 Primary structures gt_chap02.pdf Lab 3
Sep. 15 Fold structures MS chap. 2 Lab 5
Sep. 22 Faults & fractures gt_chap04.pdf Lab 6
Sep. 29 Glaciotectonism I gt_chap05.pdf
Lab 7
Oct. 6 Glaciotectonism II MS chap. 3 & 4
Lab 8
Oct. 13 Mid-term exam Rocky Mountains
Rio Grande Rift
Oct. 10-13

Second Block
Week Topic Reading* Activity
Oct. 20 Colorado field trip Rocky Mt. guide Field trip
Oct. 19-23
Oct. 27 Stress & strain gt_chap03.pdf Lab 9
Nov. 3 Glaciotectonism III gt_chap09, 11, 12 Lab 10
Nov. 10 Plate tectonics gt_chap13.pdf Lab 11
Nov. 17 Paleomagnetism Lab 12
Nov. 24 All labs due Thanksgiving
Dec. 1 Eastern North
Dec. 8 European
Northern Europe
Central Europe
Dec. 12 Final exam Dec. 12-15

MS = Messages in stone: Colorado's colorful geology.
GT = Glaciotectonism (pdf files via FTP).

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