Advanced Tectonics

James S. Aber
Emporia State University

Description and analysis of deformations produced within the Earth on all scales from microscopic to global. Topics include behavior of rocks and sediments under stress, origin of mountain belts and rift zones, deformation of stable catons, and glaciotectonism. The prerequisite is GO 326 (plate tectonics) or consent.

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Advanced tectonics (ES 767) is an elective course in the earth science program. It is intended for upper-level undergraduate majors as well as graduate students. The course is recommended for students in the traditional geology emphasis. It is particularly useful for students who plan to take the professional geologist exam.

This course deals with description and analysis of structures within the Earth's crust, particularly those structures created as a result of deformation. Such deformations may be caused by tectonic movements, mass (gravity) movement, meteorite impact, and a host of other mechanisms. The course covers three main subject areas.

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