ES 775 Schedule
Fall 2015

ES 775 meets on Thursday afternoons, 1:00 to 2:20 pm, in the GeoSpatial Analysis (GSA) laboratory (SH 16). These sessions are primarily for conducting lab exercises on image processing. However, lab work may be done at any other time or location—all lab materials are available via Internet. On-campus class meetings will also be used for reviews and special presentations. The following weekly schedule reflects Thursday meeting dates, except for the last week.

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Semester schedule for fall 2015

First Block
Week of Activity Reading*
Aug. 20 Introduction to Idrisi Chap. 1: Introduction
RST Introduction and Interpretation
Aug. 27 Begin lab exercise 1 Chap. 2: Digital remote sensing
Landsat introduction (only)
RST Landsat multispectral scanner
Sep. 3 Complete lab exercise 1 Chap. 3: Image processing
RST GIS analysis
Sep. 10 Begin lab exercise 2 Chap. 4: Quality and statistics
Landsat technical characteristics
RST Landsat thematic mapper
Sep. 17 Complete lab exercise 2 Chap. 5: Display and visualization
Landsat image interpretation
Sep. 24 Begin lab exercise 3 Landsat applications
Landsat image processing
Oct. 1 Complete lab exercise 3 Chap. 6: Radiometric correction
RST elevation data
Oct. 8 Begin lab exercise 4
Chap. 7: Geometric correction
RST Morro Bay, CA: Part 1 through Part 3

Second Block
Week of Activity Reading*
Oct. 15 Fall break No class meeting
Oct. 22 Complete lab exercise 4 Chap. 8: Image enhancement
RST Morro Bay, CA: Part 4 through Part 6
Oct. 29 Begin lab exercise 5
Choose individual projects
Chap. 9: Image classification
RST Morro Bay, CA: Part 8 through Part 11
Nov. 5 Complete lab exercise 5 Chap. 11: Hyperspectral imagery
RST Morro Bay, CA: Part 12 through Part 15
Nov. 12 Begin lab exercise 6 Chap. 12: Change detection
RST Morro Bay, CA: Part 16 through Part 20
Nov. 19 Complete lab exercise 6 Chap. 13: Thematic accuracy
Nov. 26 Work on individual projects Thanksgiving—no class meeting.
Dec. 3 Present individual projects Previous student projects
Dec. 7 Final exam Available on 4th; due on Dec. 8th (noon)

* Background reading in Introductory digital image processing.

Schedule note: all lab exercises are due before Thanksgiving.
No late exercises will be accepted after Thanksgiving.

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