ES 775 Advanced
Image Processing

James S. Aber

Advanced techniques of image processing and analysis for remotely sensed digital data. Topics include radiometric correction, geometric correction, atmospheric and ground effects, image enhancement, spectral analysis, classification, and change detection. Interdisciplinary applications in earth resources and environmental conditions; practical exercises based on satellite datasets and other forms of remotely sensed data. Course is designed for advanced students in the geospatial analysis program.

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This course is intended to build upon content from ES 771 Remote Sensing, in which many concepts of satellite image processing are covered at fundamental levels. These concepts are elaborated with an emphasis on practical exercises based on actual datasets and field information. The course combines state-of-the-art computer hardware and software for the analysis of satellite data derived from NASA's Mission to Planet Earth program, as well as commercial satellite data. An integration of physical, biological, and cultural (human) processes is stressed for understanding and interpreting satellite imagery of the Earth's surficial environment.

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This course will be taught in spring semester 2017. Regular (on-campus) students should enroll through normal procedures. The course is also available for distance learning from Emporia State University. Off-campus students should enroll through the office of Distance Education (ES 775 XA). In order to receive university credit, students must be officially enrolled and must be in contact with the instructor for course materials and directions. This course is required for the graduate certificate in geospatial analysis.

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