International Work Group on Geospatial
Analysis of Glaciated Environments (GAGE)

Commission on Glaciation

International Union for Quaternary Research--INQUA

The activities of this work group focus on investigations of modern and ancient glaciated environments utilizing techniques of geographic information systems (GIS). Data may be derived from traditional methods of field mapping, from various types of aerial and space remote sensing, as well as from existing maps and data bases. GAGE commenced its official activity at the INQUA Congress in Berlin, Germany (Aug. '95). GAGE has undertaken several major projects for the past and current inter-congress periods.

Membership is open to any interested scientist and/or science student from diverse disciplines, including geography, geology, cartography, remote sensing, hydrology, glaciology, engineering, etc. There is no cost for corresponding membership in the work group.

Full information on GAGE workgroup.

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