International Work Group on Geospatial
Analysis of Glaciated Environments (GAGE)

International Union for Quaternary Research--INQUA

The activities of this work group focused on investigations of modern and ancient glaciated environments utilizing techniques of geographic information systems (GIS). Data may be derived from traditional methods of field mapping, from various types of aerial and space remote sensing, as well as from existing maps and data bases. GAGE commenced its official activity at the INQUA Congress in Berlin, Germany (Aug. '95) and continued through the INQUA Congress in Reno, Nevada USA (July 2003).

At the time of the INQUA Congress in 2003, GAGE completed its term of activity and ceased to exist officially. However, some projects may continue within other INQUA organizational frameworks. These webpages are maintained as an archive of GAGE activites during the period 1995-2003.

Left: Manned space-shuttle photograph of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Image from NASA Johnson Space Center, Imagery Services.

Archive webpages (1995-2003)

GAGE is an outgrowth from glaciotectonic mapping projects, in which GIS techniques were used to compile continent-scale data bases for North America and Europe--see glaciotectonic maps. The central goals of GAGE are assembly of regional and continental GIS databases for display, analysis, and interpretation of glaciated terrain, as well as for modeling of glacier dynamics and processes. Achieving this goal depends on many new technical tools, and the integration and analysis of various kinds of data also requires development of new concepts for geospatial analysis in glaciated environments. GAGE has undertaken major projects for the past and current inter-congress periods. These projects include the following.

Projects 1995-99

Projects 1999-2003

Membership is open to any interested scientist and/or science student from diverse disciplines, including geography, geology, cartography, remote sensing, hydrology, glaciology, engineering, etc. There is no cost for corresponding membership in the work group. For membership or more information about GAGE, please contact the president or co-president (see officers).

2000 Meeting in Slovakia and Poland
Report on Conference, 10/00.
1998 Meeting in Warsaw, Poland
Report on Conference, 10/98.
1996 Meeting in Mérida, Venezuela
Report on Conference, 7/96.

GAGE Officers.

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