Landsat 7 Global Data Archive

Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments--GAGE

GAGE was invited to contribute to the definition of a global archiving strategy for Landsat 7, which is scheduled for launch in May, 1998. Its mission is to build and refresh a global archive of Landsat imagery that will enable earth science research across most disciplines. Such systematic worldwide effort has not been undertaken before with satellite remote sensing. Previous collection of satellite imagery was more or less random and strongly influenced by commercial demand. As a result, our current coverage for glaciers is quite incomplete, almost lacking, for many regions of the world.

Glaciers and ice sheets are recognized as major components of the Earth's climatic and hydrologic systems. Glacier activity is subject of course to many factors of climate, geothermal heat, internal dynamics, melt-water drainage, crustal movement, sea level, etc. With these complications in mind, it is necessary to monitor the behavior of many glaciers in different settings to determine how they are responding to events of local and global significance.

GAGE invited proposals from the international scientific community for modern glaciers, including ice caps, ice sheets, ice shelves, and ice-marginal water bodies (lakes & seas) for inclusion in the Landsat 7 archive acquisition and refresh mission. We have considered sites from all parts of the world (except the United States and Antarctica, which are covered otherwise). Representative glaciers were solicited for all kinds of situations.

The GAGE proposal has been given to the Landsat 7 project at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, as of Jan. 1997. There are no promises that all sites can be incorporated, but they will all be considered in the generation of the long-term acquisition plan that will drive which scenes are added to the archive and how frequently they are refreshed.

GAGE proposal for Landsat 7 long-term glacier inventory.

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