1996 Meeting of the Work Group on Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments--GAGE

GAGE held its first official meeting on June 17-20, 1996, in conjunction with the International Conference on Quaternary Glaciation and Paleoclimate in the Andes Mountains. The conference took place near Mérida in western Venezuela. Two post-conference field excursions were arranged in the Sierra Nevada de Mérida (Andes). Conference and field trip organizers were:

As a result of the GAGE meeting in Venezuela, discussions have begun for starting a GAGE project to compile a GIS database on extent of glaciation in the tropical Andes Mountains. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Max Bezada or J.S. Aber.

Landsat MSS image of Mérida vicinity.

Abstracts of Presentations

GAGE presentations at the conference included diverse topics on GIS, remote sensing, and modeling of glaciers. Selected abstracts/titles are available below.

GAGE homepage.

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