Glacial Map of North-Central United States

Maximum limit Wisconsin glaciation.

Pre-Wisconsin glacial limit; ice border.

Melt-water channel/valley.

Moraine, esker, kame, etc.

Preglacial buried valley.

Preglacial drainage divide.

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Pre-Wisconsin glacial features of the north-central United States from Illinois to North Dakota. This map was compiled from various published maps and reports on geology and geomorphology of the region--see source references. The background is a color-coded topographic image created from a digital elevation model. Data entry by John Morettini, Naomi Wilkins and J.J. Zeeberg. Map composition by Naomi Wilkins and J.S. Aber. This map is part of the pre-Wisconsin glacial mapping project of GAGE work group.

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Last update 31 Oct. '97