Official Patches of Skylab Missions

Skylab missions were designed for scientific observations of the sun and earth, both of which are portrayed on the mission patches.

Unmanned launch of Skylab, 14 May, 1973. Skylab mission 1.
Skylab manned mission I, 25 May to 22 June, 1973. Astronauts Conrad, Kerwin and Weitz. Skylab mission 2.
Skylab manned mission II, 28 July to 25 Sept. 1973. Astronauts Bean, Garriott and Lousma. Skylab mission 3.
Skylab manned mission III, 16 Nov. 1973 to 8 Feb. 1974. Astronauts Carr, Gibson and Pogue. Skylab mission 4.

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