GO 521 History of Geology

Professor James S. Aber
Earth Science Department
Emporia State University

The historical development of geology as a scientific discipline from ancient civilizations to the modern space age. Historical context and cultural basis of major geological theories regarding the origin of the Earth and processes that have influenced the Earth's development. The lives and contributions of individuals, whose ideas have shaped scientific thought and public opinion. Scientific technology, exploration, and the changing role of science through time. History of American and Kansan geology.


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This course is designed for any student or teacher with an interest and introductory background in either earth and the natural sciences or history of science. The course is delivered in hybrid modes via on-campus sessions and online. We focus on individual scientists who were involved with development of important geological concepts. We also examine the roles of various kinds of geological institutions.

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This course will be taught in spring semester 2017. Distance-learning students should enroll through Distance Education with instructor permission. Section XA is for graduate credit; ZA is undergraduate. In order to receive university credit, students must be officially enrolled and must be in contact with the instructor for course materials and directions.

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