ES 331 Ice Age Environments
ES 767 Quaternary Geology

Prof. James S. Aber

Earth Science Department,
Emporia State University, Kansas

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An introduction to geology, landscapes, glaciers, climate, and biology of the ice ages. The relationship of ice age events to modern environments, the nature of climatic and environmental change, and the role of man.

Course availability

This course will be taught next in fall semester, 2015. It may be taken for undergraduate (ES 331) or graduate (ES 767) credit. Regular (on-campus) students should enroll through normal procedures. The course is also available for distance learning from Emporia State University. Off-campus students should enroll through Distance Education (ES 331 ZA or ES 767 XA). In order to receive university credit, students must be officially enrolled and must be in contact with the instructor for course materials and directions. BIS students must have the prerequisite noted above.

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