Upper photo: Kong Asger's høj, a Neolithic (late Stone Age) burial mound, island of Møn, southern Denmark. The Neolithic was a time when agriculture began in southern Scandinavia. Population grew, society became more complex, and monumental building projects were undertaken. This burial mound was roughly contemporaneous with Stonehenge in England. Photo date 7/79; © by J.S. Aber.

Lower photo: Interior view of stone-lined passage inside Kong Asger's høj. This passage leads to a stone-roofed burial chamber in the center of the mound. Passage graves date from the middle Neolithic, about 4800 to 5200 years ago, mid-Holocene (Rud 1979). Height of passage about 1 m. Photo date 7/79; ©; by J.S. Aber.

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