Danish Bronze Age

Below: Sun Chariot, one of the most famous Bronze Age artifacts from Denmark. The sun chariot depicts a horse-drawn, six-wheeled wagon in cast bronze with a gold-covered sun disk that displays a spiral motiff. This is a small-scale model of a vehicle that was presumably used for ceremonial purposes. Full-size artifacts of similar vehicles have been found. The artifact is about 50 cm long. It dates from the older Bronze Age, about 3000-3800 years ago (Rud 1979).

Adapted from National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ramme Dige is a well-known archaeological complex in western Denmark (Eriksen and Olesen 2002). It includes several preserved burial mounds from the Neolithic and Bronze Age as well as an Iron Age wall (dige).

Left: overview of preserved burial mounds at Ramme Dige. The bright yellow crop in the background is raps oil (canola). Right: removed burial mounds (*) and old field boundaries (x) are clearly evident nearby, and a preserved burial mound appears in the upper left corner. Kite aerial photos © J.S. and S.W. Aber.

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