ES 331/767 Schedule

James S. Aber

2015 Fall Semester [revised]

The revised schedule for ES 331/767 is presented in the tables below. All course materials are delivered via Internet. Lectures are delivered in the form of webpages, and handouts are provided via FTP. On-campus students meet once a week for a review session on Tuesdays, 1:00-2:20, SH 131. The weekly schedule below indicates these meeting dates (except finals week). All students residing in eastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri are expected to attend the class field trip, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 7th.

Glacial blog.

First Block
Week Subject Web Lecture Handout/reading Special
Aug. 18 Introduction
Ice Ages overview Lec. 1
Set up e-mail
Aug. 25 Glaciers and ice sheets Modern glaciers Lec. 2
Sep. 1 Glacial geomorphology Glacial erosion
Glacial deposition
Lec. 3 & 4
Sep. 8 Glacial geomorphology Glacial melt water Lec. 6 Labor Day
Sep. 15 Modern glacial processes
Glacial megageomorphology
Glacial deformation
Landscape patterns
Lec. 5 & 8
Sep. 22 Glaciomarine environments Crust and sealevel
Lec. 9 Lab I
Sep. 29 Quaternary chronology Dating methods Lec. 10 Lab II
Oct. 6 Quaternary paleoclimatology Paleoclimate methods Lec. 11
Mid-term exam
Oct. 5-8

Second Block
Week Subject Web Lecture Handout/reading * Special
Oct. 13 Glacial climatic
Climatic controls Lec. 12
*abrupt.pdf, icehouse.pdf
Fall break
Oct. 20 Regional glaciation Glaciation of Scandinavia
Glaciation of Central Europe
Lec. 13 & 14
*elblag.pdf, *vormsi.pdf
Oct. 27 Regional glaciation Appalachian Plateau
Southern Rocky Mountains
Lec. 15
*rocky.pdf, *laurentide.pdf
Nov. 3 Regional glaciation Northern Great Plains
Central Great Plains
Lec. 16 & 17, lec16_lobes.pdf
*ks_ice.pdf, *pre_wisc.pdf
Field trip
Nov. 7
Nov. 10 Late glacial
Icelandic glaciers
Megafauna extinctions
Lec. 7 & 18, clovis.pdf,
monte_verde.pdf, *fire.pdf
Lab IV
Veterans Day
Nov. 17 Holocene climate Record of climatic change Lec. 19, rainier.pdf,
clim_stats.pdf, *trinchera.pdf
Nov. 24 Holocene climate Late Holocene climate Undergrad short projects
Graduate webpages due
Dec. 1 Holocene climate Sunspots & volcanoes Lec. 20, hum_clim.pdf
sunspots.pdf, muller.pdf
Lab V
Dec. 7 Finals week Final exam
Dec. 7-10

* PDF files for ES 767 only.

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