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ES 551 XA/ZA
Fall Schedule

The fall 2012 course schedule is given below for weekly activities in ES 551 XA/ZA. On-campus students meet on Thursday afternoons (1:00 to 2:20) in the GeoSpatial Analysis (GSA) Lab (SH 16). Dates below are for each Thursday (except finals week).

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ball icon Block I Schedule

Week Web Lecture Textbook Lab Exercise Special
Aug. 16 Maps as representations Review Idrisi Send email
Aug. 23 History of maps
Map projections
Chap. 1 Idrisi 1-3
Idrisi 1-4
Aug. 30 Coordinate systems
Geodetic datums
Chap. 2 Idrisi 1-5
Sep. 6 GPS overview
gps.pdf & chicken.pdf
Chap. 3 Idrisi 1-6
Sep. 13 GIS databases
Raster data structure
Chap. 4 Idrisi 1-7
Sep. 20 GIS data sources
GIS networks
Chap. 5 Idrisi 1-8
Sep. 27 Data storage
Error in GIS
Chap. 6 Idrisi 2-2
Oct. 4 Mid-term exam Oct. 5-9
Oct. 11 Data quality in GIS Idrisi 2-3

ball icon Block II Schedule

Week Web Lecture Textbook Lab Exercise Special
Oct. 18 Aerial photography Fall break
Oct. 25 Digital elevation data Chap. 7 DEM exercise
Nov. 1 Web-based GIS Chap. 8 Map projections
Nov. 8 Cartographic design Chap. 9 Project work
Nov. 15 Process modeling Chap. 10 Project work
Nov. 22 Complete all labs Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 Public access to GIS Chap. 11 Project work
Dec. 6 Present projects
Dec. 10 Final exam Dec. 7-11

Note: All lab exercises must be turned in by Nov. 20.
No late exercises will be accepted thereafter.

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