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James S. Aber

Lecture and laboratory materials for this course are presented via World Wide Web, and datasets for lab exercises are provided by FTP. On-campus students meet once a week on Tuesdays 2:00-3:20 in the Geospatial Analysis Lab (SH 16). Students are encouraged to contact the instructor at any time via e-mail. The following schedule is set up on a weekly basis for each Tuesday (except first week).

Aerial eye blog.

Schedule for Spring Semester 2018 First Block

Week Topic Web Lecture Reading Lab Special
Jan. 17 Introduction to remote sensing
No meeting on-campus
Introduction FRS Chap. 1 (all) Establish e-mail
Jan. 23 Photography and
Aerial photography and
Photogrammetry basics
FRS Sec. 2.6 Lab 1: Aerial photography
Jan. 30 Landsat I Introduction to Landsat FRS Sec. 2.11 Lab 2: Landsat MSS
Feb. 6 Multispectral scanning
Thermal-IR sensing
Spectral Signatures FRS Sec. 2.7
FRS Sec. 2.8
Lab 3: Landsat TM
Feb. 13 NOAA AVHRR Vegetation Monitoring FRS Sec. 5.2.2
FRS Sec. 5.6
Lab 4: Landsat TM
vegetation analysis
Feb. 20 Manned-space photography Space Photography Lab 5: Ikonos imagery
Feb. 27 NASA's Mission to Planet Earth NASA MTPE Complete labs 1-5
March 6 Microwave and radar Space-based radar FRS Chap. 3 (all) Lab: 6 SAR imagery

Schedule for Spring Semester 2018 Second Block

Week Topic Web Lecture Reading Lab Special
March 13 Remote sensing and GIS RS/GIS on Internet Lab 7: Imagery search
March 20 Spring break Enjoy!
March 27 Image interpretation I FRS Chap. 4 (all) Lab 8: Landsat data
Form teams
April 3 Image interpretation II Geomorphology from space Lab 9: Landsat OLI Project proposal
April 10 Ground observation and
Bidirectional reflectance
Ground truth FRS Chap. 5 (selected) Lab 10: Ground truth Field trip
April 17 Ground observation II Field trip
April 24 Project preparation Complete all labs April 27 lab
May 1 Project presentation Final version
due May 4
May 8 Final exam May 7-10

* all (late) lab exercises are due by April 27th.
No late exercises will be accepted thereafter.

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