Fire and Ice


VOLCANOES and GLACIERS are among the most active geological agents on the Earth's surface. All oceanic crust and much continental crust were created by volcanic eruptions. Glaciers and ice sheets cover more than 10% of the land region of the world today. During the Ice Age (or Pleistocene Epoch), expanded glaciation reshaped vast lowland and montane regions as well as continental shelves. Thus, much of Earth's modern landscapes have resulted from volcanism and glaciation.

This Web page presents selected space images of volcanic and glacial landforms. Imagery was acquired by various photographic and electronic means both from manned and unmanned orbital platforms, including space-shuttle photography and radar imagery. The origin and content of each image are briefly described below. These images are not copyrighted; they may be printed and copied for educational and scientific purposes with appropriate citation for image sources.

Volcano Images

Glacier Images

Many of the images in this selection were acquired from NASA Johnson Space Center--see JSC and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory--see Planetary photojournal. Remotely sensed images of glaciers and glaciated landscapes are a subject of an international work group on Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments--see GAGE. Further information about volcanoes may be found at the Cascades Volcano Observatory or the Keweenaw Volcano Observatory.

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