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The environmental science class in the Science, Environment, Agriculture and Technology Charter School of Goessel High School - USD 411, was given the responsibility of collecting well water samples throughout the school district, testing and recording results for those samples and transferring them to a database for map projection.  Maps were produced using Idrisi32 from Clark Labs. All maps have been set up on a raster grid system and each sample cell comprises an area of forty acres.  To achieve this, each section of ground was divided into sixteen smaller plots.  Spatial  accuracy is not a major concern with this project.  Various cells within the area had more than one sample collected so sample results for those cells were averaged together to produce a single data entry. The purpose of the project is to chart the quality of water within the school district and see how that may change over time. Resampling each year will be done to provide references for possible changes in the quality of water in USD 411.

Web page designed by Don Dailey, May 20, 2002 for USD 411.
Created as a requirement of ES 551 XA/ZA - Computer Mapping Systems  within the Department of Earth Science for Prof. James S. Aber.

Dripping water image courtesy of Adam Hart-Davis and DHD Photo Gallary .