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Bull Shoals Lake, the largest lake in Arkansas, is located on the border of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. It is just one of a series of five lakes in the upper White River Basin which goes through both Missouri and Arkansas. The entire Bull Shoals Project area contains 40,953 ha (101,196 acres). Of that area, water can cover between 28,733 ha (71,000 acres) at flood control level and 18,389 ha (45,440 acres) at conservation pool level. All of this water gives the lake a shoreline ranging from 1191 km to 1690 km. Thats about the distance from Kansas City to Denver.



The Bull Shoals Lake Dam was completed in 1951 at a cost of $86 million. At the time it was the 5th largest concrete dam in the U.S. The lake was built in a beautiful area which is generally rugged with many fascinating geological formations. The topography of this ozark region varies from steep bluffs to gently sloping points. A simple topographic map of the lake can be viewed here.


This website will discuss the wildlife you are likely to see, the recreation activities at the lake and surrounding areas, and the shoreline management plan developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conserve the massive extent of shorelines at the lake for future generations. To view a map of the entire Bull Shoals Project, click here.