Landsat Applications to Agricultural and Urban Feature Analysis

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Over the course of the semester, we've learned many techniques for processing digital images. Through building composite images using IDRISI software, we identified and analyzed LANDSAT bands that gave us the best product for our needs. In this case, it was the 345 composite which adequately depicted urban sprawl in Albuquerque, NM. Using hyperspectral techniques, we produced an image of Garden City, KS which showed significant increase in the use of center pivot irrigation. And through the use of ISOCLUSTER on a LANDSAT 5 image, we showed classification of urban, suburban, undeveloped, and water resorce areas in Atlanta, GA. This technique is particularly valuable as a tool for identifying changes in each of these areas over time. Although we used these techniques for academic purposes, their practical application is great. These techniques are used by professional Geospatial Analysts working in City Planning, Government Agencies, Land Management, Military Operations, and numerous other facets.

Class Project for ES771 - Remote Sensing
Emporia State University
Brenda Zabriskie, Mary Reardon, Jay Doolittle
December 09, 2010