Chess History and Geography

Chess is a game of skill played by two persons, using a set of pieces on a board marked with squares. The moves in chess have often been compared with those made by two opposing generals on a battlefield. Chess resembles war in that it consists of attack and defense, and has as its object making the king surrender.

The origin of chess is a controversial subject. Many researchers believe that chess was originated in China, India, or Persia. Following map is conducted according to information utilized from World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov official website. The ESRI world base map is utilized for these displays

Chess origination and diffusion. 6th - 11th centuries.

Chess diffusion. 12th -15th centuries.

Chess in the Modern World

The modern era of chess dates from the 1500's, when the moves of the game took their present form.  The first International tournament took place in London in 1851, but the official title World Champion was not used until 1886 when Wilhelm  Steinitz of Czechoslovakia won the World Championship title.  This "clickable" map has important chess links for most European countries. The display is created by linking each country polygon to a webpage containing important chess links for each country. is  the source for the basemap.

#2 by average rating of top 10 #3 by average rating of top ten players #4 by average rating of top 10 players Belarus

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