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World Chess Champions from Russia and Soviet Union

  Alexander Alekhin                    Mikhail Botvinnik               Vassily Smislov



      Reign 1927-1935                         Reign 1948-1957                              Reign 1957-1958

                     1937-1946                                   1958-1960



        Mikhail Tal                         Tigran Petrosian                    Boris Spassky



     Reign 1960-1961                            Reign 1963-1969                             Reign 1969-1972


     Anatoly Karpov                     Garry Kasparov                      Alexander Khalifman



        Reign 1975-1985                          Reign 1985-1993                              FIDE Champion 1999

FIDE Champion 1993-1999                 PCA champion 1993-2000


     Vladimir Kramnik



    PCA Champion 2000-