Observation tower

This stop is the southeast edge of a huge dish in the Earth's surface.  Great movements in the crust caused this sink about 100 millions years ago (Cheyenne Bottoms Driving Tour brochure, p. 3).  "Watch For Ice On The Steps During Cold Weather, And Always Use The Hand Rails!" says the sign on this observation tower which was erected with monies from the state income tax donation program.


From the top of the observation tower we could view of the 41,000-acre Cheyenne Bottoms basin.  Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area includes about 20,000 acres of this basin, about 12,000 acres of which are generally covered with shallow water (Cheyenne Bottoms Driving Tour brochure, p.3).
The water transfer system which was designed to depend on gravity flow through concrete channels between the pools.
The gated outlets could be open or closed controlling the water level.  The pumping station on the dike between two peripheral pools transfers water into the central pool. 

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