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    The Little Ice Age was a period of relatively cold weather.  Temperatures were about 1-2°C below normal.  These cold period lasted for about 300 years.  The beginning of the Little Ice Age was marked by a cold snap in the 1400’s.  The end was marked by the warming that occurred near the beginning of the 20th century.  The causes of both the beginning and the end of the Little Ice Age are debated.  Possible causes range from volcanic activity, and solar activity to disruptions in atmospheric and ocean currents.  Many suggest that the end of the Little Ice Age was brought on by humanity’s impact on the environment.  Production of CO2 during the industrial revolution along with agricultural modifications to land caused a change in the atmosphere that began retaining more heat.  Evidence of repeated cold spells like the Little Ice Age has been found in North Atlantic Sea sediment.  This suggests that the Earth has managed to warm itself on its own without the “help” of humans.
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