Cheyenne Bottoms

"fuel and lodging ahead"

You will want to stop here if you are a shorebird traveling through North America. These 41,000 acres of wetlands, located in central Kansas, USA, are a major stopover point for birds traveling the Central Flyway. They provide abundant food supplies for shorebirds and waterfowl. These prairie wetlands are managed by two administrative entities. The largest pool to the east is managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. The smaller pools of the northwest parcel are owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. The efforts of Emporia State University EPSCoR project with NASA are being carried out in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy. The manager or steward of that unit is Robert Penner. He has experimented with several approaches to improve the habitat for migratory birds. It is our hope that we can develop useful remote sensing tools that will assist his efforts..

map adapted from The Nutty Birdwatcher website

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