Cattail proliferation from 1992 to 2002

Source: Kansas Geological Survey DASC

This clip from a digital orthophoto quarter-quadrangle (DOQQ) was taken September 23, 1992. Resolution is 1 meter. DOQQs from the National Aerial Photography Program are taken at approximately 6,100 meters above land surface. There is a mist rising from the water surface so visibility of the cattail beds is somewhat highlighted. The red circle shows the location of the subject photo.

Photo Source: James S. and Susan W. Aber

This KAP photo was taken March 16, 2002 of the same area depicted above. This photo shows much more detail than the DOQQ. Cattails do not grow well in water levels deeper than about 60 cm. Fluctuations in water depth may account for the difference in growth patterns along the edge of this pool.

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