The Subject Photo

Photo source: James and Susan Aber

This kite airphoto was taken from a nearly vertical position and has a high level of resolution.  It was taken April 14, 2002 above the pool depicted on the previous page. It was taken from about 100 meters above land surface as estimated by a Bushnell Rangefinderô. Based upon the width of the road I calculated resolution to be about 0.067 meters per pixel. The field of view is approximately 80 by 107 meters and covers about 0.86 hectares.

I scanned across the pixels in this photo looking for distinct RGB combinations that would allow me to differentiate between the water, cattails and the upland where the road lies. On the uplands,  grasses are the predominant vegetation. The water appeared greenish-brown, the grasses light green and the cattails had a pale reddish cast. However, I did not find a remarkable RGB difference between any of these. This is probably related to the varying angles of incidence of sunlight in the cattail beds and algal growth or wave reflection in the water.

Photo source: J.W. Zupancic

This photo was taken with a Canon Power Shot S110 mounted on platform with remote-control rotate, tilt and shutter functions. The yellow pointer allows the operator to view position of the camera. The digital and optical specifications for this camera can be viewed at

For more information on kites and other related equipment see the Great Plains Kite Aerial Photography website .

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