Wetland Environments

J.S. Aber

Emporia State University
Kansas, U.S.A.

Catalog description: An interdisciplinary overview of physical, biological and cultural aspects of wetlands. Definitions, classifications, origins, and natural processes of wetland environments. Wetlands in boreal, temperate, and tropical climatic settings. Human impact and management of wetland resources. Three credit hours: lectures, exercises and field trips.

Wetland environments syllabus.

This course is intended for students majoring in biological, physical or social sciences with an interest in wetland environments and resources. Topics include the water, soils, plants and animals of wetland ecosystems. Human use, modification, exploitation, and management are examined along with legal and political aspects of wetlands. Field trips are conducted to Cheyenne Bottoms and other central Kansas wetlands. Selected wetlands around the world are described from different climatic settings. The course is delivered for both on-campus and distance-learning students for undergraduate or graduate credit.

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