Wetland Blog

Panoramic overview looking northwestward.
Assembled from two wide-angle shots.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
Fiery sunset, as smoke rises in front of the setting sun.
Twilight fire continues to burn long after sunset.
Photos © J.S. Aber.

Active wetland students 2016 (ver. 1.0)

Undergrad students
Sawyer Green [sgreen10@g.emporia.edu] Ryan Huth [whuth@g.emporia.edu]
Zhilin Li [zli9@g.emporia.edu] Brian Madeira [briancmadeira@gmail.com]
Tameren McMullen [tmcmulle@g.emporia.edu] Caite Schoeck [cschoec1@g.emporia.edu]
Connor Simmons [csimmon6@g.emporia.edu] Logan Sleezer [lsleezer@g.emporia.edu]
Nick Vega [nvega@g.emporia.edu] Nick Worthen* [nworthenems@yahoo.com]

Graduate students
Liz Hagenmaier* [ecoffey@g.emporia.edu] Jamie Harrington* [jharrin2@g.emporia.edu]
Bryan Longwell [b.twin004@gmail.com] Corey Miller* [cmille26@g.emporia.edu]
Sophia Mingoia* [smingoia@g.emporia.edu] Rob Rice* [jrice8@g.emporia.edu]
Katy Schwinghamer [kschwin1@g.emporia.edu]
* Distance Learning.

Cuchara, Colorado. Photos © JSA.

Photo from Keagan Riddick: Enjoying the lovely weekend weather.
Even if you can't leave Emporia, there is always ESU Campus Woods!

Demonstration of traditional pearl diving by
young Japanese women. Photos © JSA.

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EB/ES/GE 341/767 © J.S. Aber (2016).