Watershed success stories

J.S. Aber and F. Pavri

For this exercise, open Watershed success stories, a large pdf file obtained from the EPA. This document provides environmental information on variety of watershed management plans and projects underway across the United States. For this exercise, select one watershed success story (from the table of contents), and write an abstract on the status of this watershed.

Note: the quality of this pdf document is rather poor, but the text is clear and concise.

After you have selected a particular watershed, read through the information. For instance, familiarize yourself with its location, the issues being tackled, public and private partners involved in the project, current status of the project, etc.

An abstract is a condensed summary of the main points from the article. In your abstract about this watershed go through the information provided by the EPA and review:

The abstract should be one paragraph (250 words maximum) in length. Submit your abstract via email in text (txt) or rich-text format (rtf).

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