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Although every page is updated, all new webpages since the creation of the the World of Amber are indexed here. I have been privileged to hear from many amber experts, amateurs, dealers, and interested web surfers since this page made it's debut in January, 1996. I appreciate all the correspondence and have incorporated information, spelling and grammatical corrections, new web sites, and photographic images to make this site as factual, interesting, and comprehensive as possible. The evolution has been gradual and topics should be revisited. However, some news is just too great to "bury" and the purpose of this section is to highlight those additions. Browse through the entire site but stop here for amber in the limelight. This web site improves with each person's input. Thank you!

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International amber festivals occur in March and it is not too late to attend. The Fifth International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip was 6-9 March 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania,

However, if you move quickly, you can go on to Poland for Amberif! March 11-15, 2008 is Amberif - International Fair of Amber, Jewellery, and Gemstones,,en,.

A website featuring handmade Baltic amber jewelry by Peter and Caroline Wyspianski may be enjoyed at In addition to beautiful amber jewelry, abundant educational information can be viewed at There you can see YouTube video to chalk board presentations on amber, as well as links to articles such as Discover the Beauty of Baltic Amber by Mr. Andrzej Gorski, a Polish gemologist ( Mr. Gorski provides a rich amber glossary with excellent photography of the many different inclusions found embalmed in amber,, which is part of his informative website, Amber Stone Live, Whether you participate in an amber blog, or just enjoy the viewing the amber jewelry,, spend some time at the Wyspianski website!


The new additions have been few to this webpage due to the schedule of the author and not due to the fact that new information on amber has not been abundant! While updates to the World of Amber are forthcoming, in the meantime you may be interested in visiting a website that features historic references that are difficult to find, but that mention amber. Visit to find the state of amber knowledge known in the past such as the scanned versions of On Concerning Stones by Theophrastus in 300 BC and writings by scientists Al-Biruni in the 10th century, Agricola in the 16th century, and George Fredrick Kunz in the 19th century. This is a terrific online library of resources on the history of geology, gemology, and mining at, from the Farlang Gem and Diamond Foundation, It is well worth an extended visit!

Amber is valued by many for the scientific value of determining past life. However, the most beautiful way to preserve this fossil is through the gemstone value! Amber Uses has links to many online jewelry websites and the latest one brought to my attention is Amber Magic, In addition to fine jewelry, visit the Man Guide, , created to help with amber jewelry choices!


The 12th International Amber, Jewelery and Gems Fair, AMBERIF 2005, is March 16-19, 2005 and visit,en, for details in English and in Polish.

A picture says it all . . .

Michal Blawat
Amber Studio
Sopot - Poland
or a mirror site


Another interesting amber site was brought to my attention called Andzia's Amber Jewelry and Beads, Andzia and Holly Chmil began their amber business in 1995, the same year this World of Amber webpage was created, yet somehow it escaped my notice until now! In addition to finished amber jewelry, the website has the Amber Reading Room and Amber Myths and History pages. Participate in a Blog for Amber or read about green amber, amber altars, and therapeutic amber. You can investigate amber skin products, and learn from articles by Gabriela Gierlowska, Wieslaw Gierlowski, Gary Platt, Krystyna Leciejewicz, and the owners, Holly Chmil and Andzia Chmil.

A new amber educational and commercial site worth a visit is by Richard Kulczynski from Lutry, Switzerland entitled Cool Design, Check it out!

Attend the 5th International Amber Fair August 27-29, 2004, Gdansk, Poland. Need more information? Visit and in English, The 2005 dates are set as well, August 26-28.

The 11th International Amber, Jewelery and Gems Fair, AMBERIF 2004, was a terrific opportunity for all who made it to Gdansk, Poland (March 4-7). Images from 2004 can be seen at,pl,1078/Galeria-foto.html,,pl,1077/Gala-2004.html, and,pl,1076/Program.html in Polish and,en,1108/Photo-gallery.html,,en,1107/Gala-2004.html, and,en,1106/Programme.html in English! The AMBERIF 2005 is set for March 16-19, 2005 and visit for details.

Planning a trip to Vilnius to search for amber? Find out about the February 28-March 2, Lithuanian Amber Show 2004 at this Jewelers Keystone Circular online article. Visit for a preview of Amber Trip 2005!

The Winter 2003, 39(4) issue of Gems and Gemology journal had two notes about amber that were of interest to me and maybe to you! Both were summaries of journal articles:
Cruickshank, R.D., & Ko, K. (2003). Geology of an amber locality in the Hukawng Valley, northern Myanmar. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 21(5), 441-455.
This article reports on the amber known as burmite that is being worked by a small group of miners, using manual methods, in an open pit operation. The amber is reddish brown, with shades of yellow, orange, and red, with a color range from light to dark, transparent to opaque, and some unique insect fossil inclusions. The amber is believed to have been deposited in a tidal channel, near-shore environment, and the host rock is Cretaceous in age. These deposits have been known for some two thousand years and the location is near the town of Tanai at a locality that has been the principal source in Burma/Myanmar since 1836.

[An aside: Ron Buckley keeps the amber listserv current on exciting discoveries from this most fascinating amber. For example, in an archive from November 2003, you can read more, If you are interested in joining the listserv, which is maintained by Doug Lundberg, visit]

Ragazzi, E., Roghi, G., Giaretta, A., & Gianolla, P. (2003). Classification of amber based on thermal analysis. Thermochimica Acta, 404(1/2), 43-54.
The chronological age of fossil resins is a very volatile subject! Geoscientists tend to date the material based upon the stratigraphy or rocks from which the amber is recovered. Chemists, on the other hand, classify fossil resins based on chemical analyses and this article describes the efforts to use thermal analysis techniques. The study was undertaken to evaluate the possiblity of dating resin based upon thermogravimetric (TG) and differential thermogravimetric (DTG) analyses and they concluded that thermal analysis was a viable way to characterize fossil resins. In other words, apparently they felt this method could establish a chronological age after testing 13 resin samples of a known (?) age, which varied from present day resin to amber that was 225 million years old! Dating resin will be useful to stop the copal/amber battles, except that most chemical analyses are very destructive tests...

[Another aside: Dr. Ragazzi is another contributor to the amber discussion group!]

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