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Care of Amber

Amber has retained its beauty for million years and the polished luster can be retained indefinitely, if a few precautions are observed. The softness, brittleness, and susceptibility to attack by chemicals of amber requires some special care in handling and storing. Do not put your amber jewelry on before hairspray and perfume is applied, because it will likely create a whitish coating on the amber that may be permanent.

The first precaution is taken by the manufacturer stringing the beads on silk or linen thread with knots between each bead to prevent mutual rubbing and chipping. Amber jewelry should not be stored where it can rub against metal or other jewelry, and storage in a soft cloth is best.

Never put amber jewelry in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, which would shatter the gem. Never let amber come in contact with strong solutions, soaps, detergents, commercial jewelry cleaning solutions, perfume, or hairspray. All of these can dull the finish and/or give a whitish coating. Keep the amber away from common kitchen substances such as lard, salad oil, butter and excessive heat of ovens and burners.

Dust and perspiration can be removed with clean, lukewarm (never hot!) water and a soft flannel cloth. The amber can be dried and rubbed with clear olive oil, then rubbed with a soft cloth to remove excess oil and restore the polish.

Do not place amber art objects near heating ducts or in direct sunshine. Displays in lighted showcases should be properly ventilated. Avoid exposure to sudden changes of temperature, such as hot tubs, very cold water, and reaching into ovens, followed by a cold sink. Remember never to wear jewelry you value when doing strenuous, physical activity (e.g. gardening).

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