Pictures from the Endla Bog
Bogs are areas of land that are similar to swamps.
They lack the nutrients to sustain large plant life, so they are
primarily inhabited by moss, grass, shrubs, and small trees.
They can be quite dangerous, as one can easily sink into the
bog (up to 2 meters deep!) without warning due to the high
water content of the soil.  Jay and I walked out onto a
path mainly used by scientists to gather data from their
instruments.  We were there because Jay insisted that it was
the right path to get to some rock that was on the map (which,
btw, I never saw).  It was not and consisted at the most of
some old boards on the ground so that walkers would not
sink and disappear.  Fortunately, we made it back alive and
have the pictures to prove it.
This is one of the lakes Jay and I saw on our little 'excursion' off the beaten path.  To get here, we
didn't have the nice raised walkway, we had a couple of boards thrown on the ground!  I guess it
was worth the extra walking and risking of life though because this pond was really beautiful.
This is an aerial view of the 'boardwalk.'  Not that special or anything, but ya know, here it is
This is one of the outlook towers in the bog.  There were three (I think).  It was rather shaky
and pretty weathered looking.  But it held me so it must be strong enough.
This is what you see when you enter the bog.  A raised walkway that insures that you don't
sink.  Of course this assumes that you don't leave the path.
I can pretty much guarantee that you will sink in this stuff.  I mean it's 6 feet deep!
A picture of a small pond.  The bog is filled with these ponds, and even the rest of the ground
is completely saturated.  No goldfish though.
This is a picture of some scientific equipment that is used to collect data about the air, the soil,
and the temperature.  All I really know is that it looks kind of cool.