GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology
ES 567 Gemstones of the World

Dr. Susan Ward Aber, Geologist & Gemologist
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas USA

For 2012, this online course begins August 15 and campus, August 21!


This course is offered online and on campus for undergraduate and graduate students. It is an introduction to gems of the world as well as mineral properties and gem fashioning and identifying equipment. This webpage can answer questions and point you in the right direction to enroll for the course this fall. If interested, read on...

When is the Course Offered?

Fall semesters from August-December. If you are already enrolled, go straight to the syllabus, academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/syllabus.htm.

What is the Course About?

This online course will enhance your knowledge of the world of gems. The campus version will give students the opportunity to experience hands-on identification and testing methods of natural and synthetic gem materials. All students will explore gem lore, describe sources and origins of gems, and assess the cut and polish of gem materials. Throughout the semester we will use trusted online and print gem and gemology resources, along with a guided tour for all who can attend the field trip to gem and mineral shows.

How is the Course Offered?

GO 340 ZA and ES 567 XA are offered entirely online. The on campus meetings are offered in sections GO 340 A and ES 567 C

Who Should Enroll?

Students, Educators, Jewelry Professionals, Bead Buyers, and Shoppers

Who is teaching this course?

Dr. Aber is a geologist, certified gemologist, and library science educator with degrees from the University of Kansas, the Gemological Institute of America, and Emporia State University. She has taught at Emporia State University for over 20 years.

How to Enroll In The Course

  1. Visit distance education at http://www.emporia.edu/distance/index.html and registration, http://www.emporia.edu/distance/registration/. For graduate courses, follow the links for one stop registration, http://www.emporia.edu/grad/one-stop-registration.html.
  2. More information is found at http://www.emporia.edu/regist/schedule/

Where to find ESU General Information

ESU has basic academic information at http://www.emporia.edu/acadaff/, which includes the university Academic Dishonesty Policy http://www.emporia.edu/acadaff/academic-dishonesty-policy.html.

There is no degree or certificate program specific to gemology at ESU, but an online Earth Science graduate degree program and other undergraduate Earth Science courses are offered. Informational links are listed below.

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Where to find Specific Course Information

Complete course syllabus.
Complete course file index.

© Notice: GO 340 and ES 567 is offered by the Earth Science department for the use and benefit of students enrolled at Emporia State University, Kansas, USA. Any other use or repackaging of materials in this course is prohibited without permission from the author, Susan Aber, esu.abersusie@gmail.com. Latest update 14 August 2012.