GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology
ES 567 Gemstones of the World

Dr. Susan Ward Aber, Geologist & Gemologist
Emporia State University
Emporia, Kansas USA


Welcome to the Emporia State University introductory course on gemology and gemstones of the world. For more details about joining this course visit academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/. If you are interested in distance learning at Emporia State University visit http://www.emporia.edu/distance.

Gemstones have intrigued us throughout history and are desired for beauty, rarity, durability, tradition, and portability. Some believe minerals and gems possess magical powers, which accounts for their reputation as symbols of wealth, power, healing, and love. This course will not emphasize the magic, but will give an introduction to gems and gemology. Gemology is a branch of mineralogy that is concerned with the study of gem materials, including identification and testing methods, cutting and polishing, synthetically manufactured gems, precious metals and alloys, sources and origins, and grading and appraising.

Some of the topics covered are:

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