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Mineral and Gemstone Links

This site was set up to aid you in researching topics and information for your webpage presentation. It is not inclusive of all online gemstone and gemology sites, nor is it meant to be an endorsement for any commercial sites listed below. Commercial sites were included when they provided good educational information. Also, there are links to former student's projects so you can see what has been done in the past on any one particular gem.

Diamond Emerald Ruby and Sapphire Jade Topaz Opal
Chalcedony & Agate Malachite Lapis Turquoise Precious Metals Amethyst
Aquamarine Garnet Alexandrite Amber Peridot Tanzanite
Pearl Synthetics General Gemstone General Gem Images General Educational General Commercial
Journals & Newsletters Gem Lore & Healing Links Upon Links


NOVA on Diamonds
The Diamond Deception
The Nature of Diamonds
American Museum of Natural History
De Beers
A Diamond is Forever
Martin Rapaport's Diamond
Trade Network
The Harry Oppenheimer
Diamond Training School
Diamond Buying Made Easier,
A Consumer Guide by Bud Boland
Diamond Education and Care
by Diamond Cutters
GIA Diamond Grading Report
from Robert Genis
Diamond Education by
Samara James - Diamond Guide Diamond Jewelry Central Diamond Facts, DiamondFacts.org
Hearts on Fire, Goodman's Jewelers Diamond Education
by Diamonds of Palo Alto
Helzberg Diamonds
Online Learning Guide
Diamond Fundamentals
American Diamond Wholesalers
The Lore of Diamond, Diamond
, Synthetic Diamonds,
by John Borchard
World Famous Diamond Pictures
by JewelInfo4u.com
Diamond Mines Visible from Space
by JewelInfo4u.com
Diamond Reset - To do or Not to Do
by JewelInfo4u.com
Diamond Marketing by DeBeers,
by JewelInfo4u.com
High Value Diamond Auctions
by JewelInfo4u.com
Diamond Buying Guide,
by JewelInfo4u.com
Diamond Engagement Ring Guide,
by JewelInfo4u.com
Differentiating Diamond and Imitations, JewelInfo4u.com American Institute of Diamond Cutters
Diamonds of North America
by P. Laird
Fancy Diamonds
by L. Flax
World Famous Diamonds
by J. Odgers
Everything You Always
Wanted to Know About Diamond!

by S. Aber
Diamond Education Articles
by Fred Cuellar, The Diamond Guy
Photo Gallery with articles
by Fred Cuellar

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Emeralds from Colombia
Emerald History
by Delta Bravo, Columbian emeralds
4 C's from Esmerald.Com
Columbian emeralds
Brazilian Emerald
Enhanements and Treatments,
History and Lore of Emeralds
by EmeraldStone
Manufacturing, cut, and
Astrological Stones by Singhal Gems
Emerald, Jewelry Central Emerald Mines Map
by JewelInfo4u.com
Emerald Identification
by JewelInfo4u.com
Emerald Gemstone Varieties
by JewelInfo4u.com
Journey of an Emerald-from mine to jewelry
by JewelInfo4u.com
Synthetic vs. Natural Emeralds
by JewelInfo4u.com
More on Emerald
from JewelInfo4u.com
Emerald Facts and Buying Guide
from JewelInfo4u.com
by S. Aber

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Ruby and Sapphire

Ruby and Sapphire
by Richard W. Hughes
Heat treatment of ruby and sapphire
Richard W. Hughes
Burmese Sapphire Giants
by Richard Hughes and U Hla Win
Catfights: Enhancement codes
and trade wars
by Richard Hughes
and Ray Zajicek
Pigeon's Blood
by Richard Hughes
And many more! with Rants & Slants
Articles from Richard Hughes/RWH Publisihing
Ruby & Sapphire, Jewelry Central Ruby & Sapphire, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Ruby and Sapphire by S. Aber
Global Map of Sapphire Mines, by JewelInfo4u.com Star Sapphire, by JewelInfo4u.com Lab Identification of Sapphire, by JewelInfo4u.com
Important Sapphires Mines, by JewelInfo4u.com Ruby Identification, by JewelInfo4u.com Global Map of Ruby Mines
by JewelInfo4u.com
Star Ruby by JewelInfo4u.com Ruby Types by JewelInfo4u.com Synthetic vs. Natural Sapphire
by JewelInfo4u.com
All About Ruby, by JewelInfo4u.com Ruby A Heart's Desire..., by A. Hess Sapphire, by B. Johnson

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Burma's jade mines
by Richard W. Hughes
Jade from the Desert
Environment and Geology
Jade, Jewelry Central Jade by S. Aber
Jade: Yu, L.C. Sneed

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Topaz, the Texas State Gemstone
Topaz, Jewelry Central
How to Identify Topaz
Topaz by S. Aber

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Opal Mining
by Opaline - Christianos family
Opal Information
with many opal articles of interest
The Australian Outback
by Opal Mine
Australian Opal World
Turul International
Articles on Opan and
from Australian Opal Mines
What is Opal?
from House of Tibara Opals
Opal, Jewelry Central Opals, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Opal by S. Aber

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Chalcedony & Agate

Chalcedony from
Desert Environment and Geology
Chalcedony, Jewelry Central Chalcedony by S. Aber

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Malachite from the San Diego Natural History Museum
with an index at Minerals of our Region
Malachite from Desert Environment and Geology
Malachite by S. Aber

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis from K.F. Armstrong Jewelers
Lapis Lazuli from Jewelry Central
Lapis Lazuli by J. R. Haltom

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Millicent Roger Jewelry Collection
an educational site all from the
Millicent Rogers Museum
The Truth About Turquoise
7/97 article in Cowboys and Indians
Turquoise from the Desert
Environment and Geology
Turquoise, Jewelry Central
Turquoise, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Turquoise by S. Aber

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Gold, Silver, Platinum

Gold, Jewelry Central Silver, Jewelry Central
Platinum, Jewelry Central A Resource Center for Gold Maps
Gold Location Maps and recreation Titanium Jewelry, by JewelInfo4u.com
All About Gold, by T. Daniel Precious Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum, by J. McPherson
Precious Metals by S. Aber

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Amethyst, Jewelry Central Amethyst, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Amethyst by S. Aber

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Aquamarine, Jewelry Central Aquamarine, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers

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Garnet, Jewelry Central Garnet, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers
Garnet by S. Aber Wonderful Garnets, S. Chilcutt

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Alexandrite, Jewelry Central Alexandrite by S. Aber Alexandrite, by K. Howard

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Amber, Jewelry Central Amber Mines, JewelInfo4u.com
Amber by S. Aber World of Amber by S. Aber

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Peridot, Jewelry Central Peridot, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Peridot by S. Aber

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Tanzanite, Jewelry Central Tanzanite, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers
Tanzanite by S. Aber Tanzanite, by J. Berg

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Pearls, Coyle Wholesale Jewelers Pearl by S. Aber
The Pearl Page, J. G. Archuleta Pearl Quality
Grading Pearls

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Synthetic Materials

Chatham Created Gems including emeralds, rubies, sapphires,
alexandrites, opals, and diamonds

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General Gemstone Index

Jewelry Central
gem quality birthstones shapes and cuts stone setting gem care
gemstone meanings and names jewelry articles gem museums jewelry news History of Jewelry

Articles of Interest to Gemologists World Famous Gemstones Misleading Names Gemstone Mining
Refractometer Polariscope Dichroscope Chelsea Filter
Gemstone Testing Tools Color Change in Gems Gemstone Cutting Pleochroism
Gem Appraisal Special Optic Phenomena in Gems Play of Colors Opalescence in Opal
Gemstone Listing Antique Rings Rockhounding for Quartz in Arkansas Rockhounding in Ouachita National Forest
Maps of Gem Mines Worldwide! Making Beaded Jewelry Gem Pet Collars History of Gems as Amulets

Jewelry Mall
birthstones specific gemstone index online stores newsletter
US gemstone finds state gemstones Diamond Guide

How gems are classified Grading and pricing Synthetics Enhancements
Gem Id tools Cut and Polish Gem image listing Estimating size

Metalsmith Guild Alaska's Copper River Valley
Temperature, Humidity Determines Snow Crystal Shapes
C. Skaggs
Cubic Zirconia, J. Berg
What is CZ?, Blog Teeda.com
Jake's Big Three,
J. Bray
A. Dougan
Making Jewelry,
C. Harris
What's in a Stone?,
J. Potter
World Famous Gemstones,
D. Pfingsten
Sulfides as Gems?,
K. Barnett
R. Heitmann

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General Gem Image Index

Alphabetical Mineral Species Listing
4,205 listings as of 8/2000
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom The Image
Mineral Galleries
Gallery of Gems
Gem Hut Gem Index
Musee de mineralogie,
Ecole des mines de Paris
All Minerals of the World Athena Mineralogy University of
Geneve, Switzerland
mindat.org database for minerals
and their localities
Clausthal Mineral Collection Ken's Fluorescent Minerals
Mineral Collectors Page
Antwerp, Belgium
Stéphane Gigandet´s Mineral Stamps - -www.mineralstamps.com/ - collection of photos of minerals, crystals, gems, rocks, fossils, and meteorites from around the world!

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General Mineral and Gemstone Resource, Educational

Gemological Institute of America International Colored Gemstone Association American Gem Society
Electronic Gemstone Library,
Canada Institute of Gemmology
Gemstone Enhancement Manual
American Gem Trade Association
AGL Colored Stones Grading
Robert Genis
US Geological Survey USGS Minerals Statistics International Minerals Statistics and Information
Jewelers of America Escola de Gemmologia
Gem school from Barcelona
Gemmological Association and
Gem Testing Laboratory of
Great Britian
Swiss Gemmological Institute with components on
Instrumentation and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry

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General Gemstone Resource, Commercial

Variety of Jewelry History Articles
Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.
Variety of Jewelry Industry News
Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.
Jewelry Findings Glossary
Guyot Brothers Company, Inc.
Bob's Rock Shop Educational Articles
Mackley & Company, Inc.
Jewelry Gallery
Bijoux Extraordinaire, Ltd.
Educational Guide by Peter Indorf Jewelers Mining for Gemstones from AfricaGems.com Mineral Cleaning techniques
John Betts, Fine Minerals
National Gemstone's
Gemstone Forecaster Newsletters homepage
Optimum Optical Performance
Getting Started in Faceting
by Facet Shoppe
Importance of Cut,
Faceting Tips by John Dyer
Colored Stone Education
LJ International Inc.
jewelry manufacturing
Poly-Metric Gem Faceting Equipment
Gemstone Curiosities Articles
by Dendritics
Gemstone Treatments
The Crystal Ball
American Diamond
Buyers Guide

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Journals and Newsletters

The Gemstone Forecaster Newsletter
American Mineralogist
Gems and Gemology
Gemmology Canada Newsletter
The Mineralogical Record
Jewelry Artist - Lapidary Journal
American Geological Institute
JOM publication by
Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society
Prospecting and Mining Journal
Mining Journal
The Canadian Mineralogist Online The Journal of Geology
Mineralogical Association of Canada
with an image gallery
Fluorescent Mineral Society
Scientific American
American Scientist
Science Online

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Gemlore and Crystal Healing

Loretta Elaine's Gems for Friends
Healing Gemstones and Crystals
Jewelry Central
The Gemstone Readings of Edgar Cayce
by Willard Johnson from the
California Institute of Integral
Studies for the mind, body, and spirit
Mystic Merchant
Healing Properties Crystal Healing & Gemstone Therapy, R. Crane

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Links Upon Links

Mark Steve and JewelInfo4u.com
One Stop Shop for Gemstone and Jewelry Information
Charles Lewton-Brain Gem Hut Tradeshop Links
Gemmology in Scotland
see moissanite and more!
Jewelry Mall Links Faceters
tools and manufacturing
Mineral and Mining Links
Mineralogy and Petrology Research Jewelry Central Rockhounds Information Page LW's Swedish Geo Sites

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