Greek: adámas
April's Birthstone

Image created by M. Driessen, photo taken from: Cipriani and Borelli (1986).

Geologic Properties
Chemistry: C Hardness (Mohs scale): 10
Specific Gravity:3.52 Crystal System: Isometric
Streak: Colorless Luster: Adamantine
Cleavage/Fracture: Perfect - four directions at 90°. Color: All colors from colorless to black, commonly found as colorless with a tinge of yellow.
Habit: Almost always found as individual crystals, the basic shape never really changes, but the variations are abundant. It can be found as a perfect octahedron, an icositetrahedron, a hexoctahedron, a rhombic dodecahedron or tetrahexahedron with rounded faces. Environment of Origin: Diamonds are formed in peridotite or lamporite deposits of plutonic rocks. When this rock is intruded up to the surface the primary deposit is termed a pipe.

Lore and Magik

Diamond is symbolic of innocence, justice, faith, and strength. It was believed to make the wearer courageous and to make them victorious over their enemies. The gem frequently was worn to ward off poison, yet it was believed to be deadly when swallowed. When set in gold and worn on the left side, it had the power to drive away nightmares and to tame wild beasts. Of the many legends that surrounded diamond, one of the most widespread was the belief that it would determine guilt or innocence. The test was simple. If the accused was guilty, the adjudicatory diamond would grow dark. In the presence of innocence, however, it would glow with increased brilliance.

The finest diamonds were believed capable of reproducing themselves. It was thought that these special stones, when moistened with morning dew and left in the dark, would multiply. Other uses for diamonds were to ensure strong bones, to stop lecherous behavior, and to protect both the mother and baby during childbirth. Hindu believed this gem owed its origin to bolts of lightning striking rocks. Diamond is said to be the most potent when set in steel and an effective talisman if the gem was given as a pledge of love or friendship.

Magikal Statistics
Energy: Projective Planets: Sun
Element: Fire Associated Metals: Platinum, Silver, Steel
Powers: Spirituality, Sexual Dysfunction, Protection, Courage, Peace, Reconciliation, Healing, Strength

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