Latin: rubrum, Tamil: kuruntam, Sanskrit: kuruvinda
July's Birthstone

Image created by M. Driessen, photo taken from: Cipriani and Borelli (1986).

Geologic Properties
Chemistry: Al2O3 Specific Gravity: 3.94-4.1
Hardness: 9 Crystal System: Hexagonal
Streak: white Luster: virtous to adamantine
Cleavage/Fracture: Conchoidal Color: Blood-red or Red with a purple tinge only.
Habit: Can be found as tapering prismatic, pyramidal, or tabular, often is striated. Star ruby has rutile inclusions that form four, five or six-pointed stars. Environment of Origin: Rubies are the red variety of corundum. Corundum is formed in nepheline syenite pegmatites, in contact metamorphic rocks.

Lore and Magik

Another common folk name is Carbuncle, which is a cabochoned ruby. The Burmese believed that rubies "ripened in color" while in the earth. Thirteenth century magik texts described using rubies as wealth-increasing stones, especially if the stone was carved with a dragon or snake before being charged. Worn as bane for evil spirits and sorcery, it was also thought to convey invunerability, guarding against wounds in battle, making it a favorite of soldiers. Deep, glowing red, the ruby is sometimes said to contain the original spark of life, "a drop of the heart's blood of Mother Earth." Supposedly a magnificent ruby possessed youth giving properties and when rubbed on the body, ruby would remove visible signs of aging.

Because of its flame color, the ruby was used to make water boil. Powers of the ruby were many: to ward off plagues and pestilence (worn on the left side), to make the wearer prudent, reduce melancholy, restrain lust, and ensure good harvests. If the color darkened, the wearer was warned of approaching danger. Inserted in the flesh, it made one strong and invincible. Also, sleeping with ruby under a pillow inhibits nightmares. Rubies were used to guard against the elements; if ruby touched to the four corners of a house or garden, it would ward off tempest, lightning, and worms! People will find it most beneficial when set in gold.

Magikal Statistics
Energy: Projective Planets: Fire
Element: Fire Associated Stone: Ruby
Powers: Wealth, Protection, Power, Joy, Anti-Nightmare Deities: Buddha, Krishna

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