Latin: perna or sphaerula
June's Birthstone

Image created by M. Driessen, photo taken from: Cipriani and Borelli (1986).

Geologic Properties
Chemistry: CaCO3 (92% Aragonite) and conchiolin (6%) Hardness (Mohs scale): 2.5-4.5
Specific Gravity: 2.60 - 2.85 Crystal System: Orthrhombic (microcrystalline form of aragonite)
Streak: White Luster: Pearly
Cleavage/Fracture: Uneven Color: Black, green, yellow, pink, blue, cream, pearl
Habit: Depends on the initial shape of the irritant, usually round beads. Environment of Origin: Pearls are a product of mussels' or oysters' organic buildup around an irritant that is trapped in their shells, irritating the soft tissue.

Lore and Magik

Pearl is also referred to as Margam (Persian) or Neamhnuid (Gaelic). The soft, lustrous beauty of the pearl has become a symbol of purity and virtue. The Arabs called pearls "tears of the gods," and said they were formed by drops of rain falling into oyster shells. The Chinese regard pearls as the hidden soul of the oyster. "Margarithe," another name for this gem, means "child of light." Despite the many virtues of this gem, there were limitations and, even risks attached to using it. Defective pearls were believed to cause all manner of discomfort, from disgrace and misfortune to insanity, leprosy, and death.

Taken in milk, pearls were used to cure ulcers, while the plague was prevented with 6 pearl grains in water sweetened with manna (ash tree sap). Burnt pearl powder mixed with water stopped hemorrhages and if inhaled, it cured headaches. Oil of pearls was believed to fortify the nerves and people of the South Pacific wore pearls to protect against shark attacks. Leprosy and other skin disorders were healed by applying the oyster shell containing a pearl. The gem was considered beneficial for easing indigestion, curing hemorrhoids, and counteracting poison. Nursing women took pearl concoctions to make their milk healthy and plentiful. Pearls also were essential toiletry articles, used to clean face and teeth.

Magikal Statistics
Energy: Receptive Planets: Moon
Element: Water, Akasha Associated Stone: Ruby
Powers: Love, Money, Protection, Luck Associated Metal: Silver
Deities: Isis, Aphrodite, Freya, Venus, Lakshmi, Diana, Neptune, Poseidon

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