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A Presentation for The Emporia State University Class
GO 340 Gemstones and Gemology

Jadeite of carving quality. Image taken from

Table of contents:

Page 1: Jade: YU
Page 2: Chinese Classifications
Page 3: Jade Carving
Page 4: The Mysticism of Jade
Page 5: References

Jade Types and Composition.

Nephrite is a member of the amphibole group.

Large cobble of Nephrite Jade. Image taken from


Table 1. 
Nephrite jade composition: CaO3MgO4SiO2.
Composite Percent
Silicates 58.00
Aluminum 1.30
Magnesium 24.18
Soda 1.28
Ferrous Oxide 2.07
Ferric Oxide ------
Lime 13.24
Potash -----
Manganese Oxide -----
Titanium Dioxide ------
Total ~100.07


Jadeite is a member of the pyroxene group.

Carved jadeite. Image taken from
Visit this site for more beautiful examples from the far east.

Table 2. 
Jadeite jade composition: Na2 (Al2, Fe+3)Si2O6.
Composite Percent
Silicates 58.24
Aluminum 24.77
Magnesium 0.45
Soda 14.70
Ferrous Oxide -----
Ferric Oxide 1.01
Lime 0.69
Potash 1.55
Manganese Oxide -----
Titanium Dioxide -----
Total ~101.41

Table 3.
Jade Facts
Colors of Jade Jadeite Intense green,  mottled green and white brown, orangy red,  yellow, shades of violet
Nephrite Dark green, gray, white, yellow, black, red
Places of Origin Jadeite Burma
Nephrite Alaska, Canada, Taiwan
New Zealand, Siberia,
United States
Crystal Structure Jadeite Granular fibrous crystalline aggregate
Nephrite Fibrous crystalline aggregate
Hardness Jadeite 6 1/2 - 7
Nephrite 6 1/2 - 7
Specific Gravity Jadeite 3.30 - 3.38
Nephrite 2.90 - 3.00
Refractive Index Jadeite 1.66.
Nephrite 1.606/1.632
Birefingence Jadeite .020
Nephrite .026
Dispersion Jadeite None
Nephrite None
Luster Jadeite Waxy or greasy
Nephrite Waxy or greasy

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