Jade has a soothing feeling of coolness, smoothness, and softness. It has a certain mysticism associated with it. Jade is called the stone of the loins (Nott, 1962, p. 1). It is attributed with curative powers for kidney diseases if worn over the kidneys and lower back. The jade disc represents the struggle between the clouds and the sun.

016 Zoomorphic Slit Disk. Neolithic.Hongshan Culture (c. 3500-2000 B.C.)
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Jade icons and beads used for protection from evil. Image taken from

The Chinese have produced many stories about the magical powers of jade such as this:

"A long time ago, there was a man who had a miraculous experience which he believed was caused by a piece of jade in his possession. When he died, he passed his jade on to his son. The jade was then passed from one generation to the next with the belief that 'jade keeps you from evil and disasters'. This is part of jade's deep attraction to the Chinese, aside from its intrinsic beauty, also a symbol of protection" (

Medical Lore

"Chinese traditional medicine/science books such as Shen Nong Ben Cao, Tang Ben Cao,Ben Cao Gang Mu.  For example, in the Ben Cao Gang Mu. gold & stone section, recorded that jade has the function of "getting rid of stomach fever, moistening heart & lung, assisting throat, bursting hair, nourishing the five internal organs, softening rib and strengthening bone, calming soul, improving blood cycling and veins, brightening ears and eyes" (

Mythical Dragon. Image taken from

Jade and the dragon are often closely associated with each other and with China. Chinas love for jade and its attributions of heath, luck and power are also associated with the dragon. It is no wonder that the dragon is often carved from jade.

Jade is a most versitile mineral being easy to work yet tough enough to be used in every day life of the Chinese of the past.  Today jade has become very expensive and can cost as much as $100 per square inch, far above the average Chinese incomes allowance.

Jade can be found world wide and if one is not to picky about the quality affordable jade can be found. Time, patience, and skill can transform even a flawed piece into a beautiful work of art!

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