One of the most famous emeralds is the Duke of Devonshire. It is highly included and could not withstand cutting because of these inclusion. It is two inches square and weighs 1383.95 carats. It has a deep green color and was given to the Duke of Devonshire by the Emperor of Brazil in 1836.

The Crown of Andes is also a famous object adorning many emeralds. The crown was created by local families of an ancient Inca city, during the Plague of 1590. The city itself was not touched by the plague because it was so isolated. The crown was created for the Blessed Mother in thanks for saving them from the plague. The gold frame itself weighed over 100 pounds and it was set with 453 emeralds taken from Inca treasures. The main stone of the crown weighs 45 carats and 17 pear shaped emeralds hang from the crown. All the emeralds together total 1500 carats!

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