Many famous gemstones are available for viewing at museums around the world, either as the museum's collection or the country's crown jewels. Gems are seen on stars in movies, in photographs, and in paintings. Occasionally the famous gems appear at auction houses, such as Sothebys.

Princess Diana received beautiful jewelry during her marriage to Prince Charles. Some of these pieces included the large oval sapphire engagement ring, diamond earrings with an emerald drop, and a diamond and emerald bracelet. A famous movie star from early in the 20th century, Mary Pickford, collected rubies and star sapphires. She once owned the 60 carat Star of Bombay and the 200 carat Star of India sapphires. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was the owner of many colored gems, which included a 47 carat kunzite ring, an amethyst necklace, red tourmaline earrings, and a 17.68 ruby ring. Joan Crawford, another actress, received a 70 carat star sapphire engagement ring, while Elizabeth Taylor has received many sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds as engagement and wedding gifts.

Gemstones may be affordable for many, but the largest and most famous stones are usually owned by the equally famous people!

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