The name diamond, refers to its hardness.  In Greek it means adamas, the unconquerable.

Specific Gravity:  3.51-3.53
Hardness:  10

Diamonds come in a variey of colors, such as yellow, grey, black, pink, red, green, blue, brown, cinnamon, and colorless.  The colorless diamonds are the most recognized. The hardness of a diamond is 140 times greater than that of a ruby or sapphire, the next lower mineral on the hardness scale.  It is the hardest known mineral on Earth.  It also has perfect cleavage, high luster, and an incredible fire or dispersion phenomenon.

How do you recognize natural diamond?

Diamond is not a stone in the zodiac, but the stone to celebrate the 10th and 60th anniversaries according to (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 104).

This information was primarily taken from www.seemall.com/gems/DIAMOND.html

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