The name peridot is believed to come from the Arabic word "faridat" meaning gem.

Specific Gravity:  3.40
Hardness:  6.50 - 7.00

Peridot's color ranges from green to yellow to brown.  The light yellow-green to greenish yellow can also be referred to as Chrysolite, and the dark yellow-green to brownish-green to almost brown is often referred to as Olivine.  The deeper green peridots are highly desired.

Peridot, like diamond, is created in the "cauldron" of volcanoes.  An important deposit was on the Red Sea volcanic island Zabargad.  It is also found in Burma, Australiz, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, and Arizona.

Peridot is thought by some to be associated with the zodiac sign, Libra (September 23 October 23), and some believe if a Libra wears peridot, they will be cured of asthma and any evil spell (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 102). Peridot is not an anniversary stone.

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