The word garnet comes from the latin word granatus. It was named this because the crystals embedded in rock had the color and shape of pomegranite seeds.

Specific Gravity: 3.75 3.97

Hardness: 7.25

Garnet comes in various shades of all colors except blue brown, purple, red, green, and orange, just to name a few.

vBrown colored garnets are usually the least expensive and come from India, South America, Russia and North America.

vDeep red and violet-red garnets come from South America, Ceylon, India, Australia, and Arizona in America.

vGreen, yellow, and cinnamon colored garnets are found in Switzerland, Ceylon, and South Africa.

Garnet is thought by some to be associated with the zodiac sign, Aquarius (January 21 February 21), and some believe if an Aquarian wears a garnet, true friendship is guaranteed (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 101).

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