Ruby is named for its red color.  In Latin, it is called "ruber" meaning red.

Specific Gravity:  3.96 - 4.01
Hardness:  9.50

Ruby is composed of aluminum oxide with trace amounts of chrominum, and it is the chromium that gives ruby the red color.  The most desirable color is the so-called "pigeons blood", which is pure red with a hint of blue.  Most rubys have darker (or lighter) spots or stripes on them.

Ruby's are mined in Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Ruby is thought by some to be associated with the zodiac sign, Capricorn (December 22 January 21), and some believe if a Capricorn wears ruby, they shall never know trouble (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 102). Ruby is the 15th and 40th anniversary stones (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 104).

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