The name emerald comes from the Greek word "smaragdos" which means "green stone".

Specific Gravity:  2.65 - 2.85
Hardness:  7 - 7.50

Emeralds come in various saturations of green, from slightly yellowish-green to a deep green.The coloring agent for an emerald is chromium.  Most emerald gemstones are not translucent because the natural inclusions give it a cloudy appearence.  Inclusions are not considered a serious fault in emerald, but transparent flawless emeralds are valued at a much higher price.

The inclusions in emeralds make it very brittle and combined with internal stress, make it sensitive to pressure.

Emerald deposits are found in biotite schists, clay shales, and in limestone in various countries, such as Brazil, South Africa, India, and Pakistan.

Emerald is thought by some to be associated with the zodiac sign, Cancer (June 22 July 22), and it is believed if one who is born under the sign of Cancer and wears emerald, will have forever eternal joy (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 102). It is the stone for 20th and 35th anniversaries (Matlins & Bonanno, 1998, p. 104).

This information was primarily taken from www.seemall.com/gems/EMERALD.html

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